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Texas Automated Buoy System
Real Time Ocean Observations
Supporting Oil Spill Prevention and
Response since 1995
Geochemical and Environmental Research Group

TABS Buoy N -- Texas Automated Buoy System

TABS Buoy N Conditions at 11/27/2020 00:06 UTC (11/26/2020 18:06 CST)
27° 53.4180'N   94° 2.2020'W
AA3900 DCS - sensor depth 2m
Water Depth: 345 feet (105 meters)
Speed: N/A            Direction: N/A            Water Temp: 0°C (32 °F)
System Voltage: 0.0 V Signal Strength: 0.0 dB Ping Count: 0

IMPORTANT: Notice to Mariners