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 Oil Spill Prevention
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Texas Automated Buoy System
Real Time Ocean Observations
Supporting Oil Spill Prevention and
Response since 1995
Geochemical and Environmental Research Group

Please note that due to communication problems some data are a day or more old.

TABS Buoy W -- Texas Automated Buoy System

TABS Buoy W Conditions at 07/19/2019 14:30 UTC (07/19/2019 09:30 CDT)
28° 21.0420'N   96° 0.3480'W
AA3900 DCS - sensor depth 2m
Water Depth: 72 feet (21 meters)
Speed: 1.84 cm/s (0.04 kts) Direction: 217 °T (SW) Water Temp: 30°C (86 °F)
System Voltage: 13.3 V Signal Strength: -2.0 dB Ping Count: 128

IMPORTANT: Notice to Mariners