Texas General Land Office
Texas Automated Buoy System
Buoy F Real Time Analysis
Geochemical and Environmental Research Group

This is an experimental product originally implemented by Dr. Les Bender. Any questions or suggestions should be directed to Dr. Norman Guinasso at guinasso@tamu.edu
All information contained within reflect data collected prior to the time of issuance,2019-01-31.
An explanation of the product is being developed. As it becomes available it will be found at the bottom of this page.

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Analysis Products  Spectral & Autoregressive Current Decomposition

Current Stick Plot
1-day 2-day 4-day 7-day 14-day 30-day
Current Decomposition
1-day 2-day 4-day 7-day 14-day 30-day
Rotary Spectra
Spectral Forecast Model
Reversal Probability
Scatter Plot
Current Rose
1-day 2-day 4-day 7-day 14-day 30-day
Alongcoast Variability
Water Temperature
QC'd Data Return
Data Download

Signal Strength
Ping Count
Battery Voltage
QC'd Data Return